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Forthcoming Official Sale Dates 2017

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Hereford Livestock Mart, Hereford
Tuesday 4th April, Brightwells Auctioneers Tel: 01568 611166
Tuesday 10th October Brightwells Auctioneers Tel: 01568 611166
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Dungannon Mart, Northern Ireland
Friday 20th January Dungannon Mart Tel: 028 8772 2727

Borderway Livestock Mart, Carlisle
Friday 24th February Harrison & Hetherington Auctioneers Tel: 01228 640924
Friday 20th October Harrison & Hetherington Auctioneers Tel: 01228 640924
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Stirling Bull Sales, United Auctions, Stirling Mart

Other Pedigree Hereford Sales
Elite Breeders' Sale Monday 27th February, Dungannon Mart Tel: 028 8772 2727
Elite Breeders' Sale Monday 3rd April, Dungannon Mart Tel: 028 8772 2727
Friday 26th May, Borderway Mart, Carlisle Tel: 01228 640924
Monday 24th April, Dungannon Mart Tel: Tel: 028 8772 2727

Hereford & Hereford X Store Sales at Hereford Livestock Mart
Show & Sale of Hereford and Hereford Cross Store Cattle Sired by a Registered Hereford Bull, including Beef Type Cows in or with Calves and Feeding Bulls will be held at Hereford Livestock Market at 11.00 a.m. on the following dates:-
Thursday, 6th April
Thursday, 15th June
Thursday, 21st September
For further details contact: Michael Evans, Greg Christopher or Sara Hamer. Email addresses as follows:
mike.evans@brightwells.comgreg.christopher@brightwells.com - sara.hamer@brightwells.com 
or Tel: 01568 611166