Thursday 1 April 2021

Hereford Cattle Society has formed a partnership with Pedimatch and, together, we are offering the app to the society’s membership.

This web-based system can serve as a powerful tool for any breeding programme. Firstly, the app offers an in-depth genetic, hereditary analysis of any registered animal.

Secondly, it can pull up all progeny of a given ancestor, for any particular year, ordering them by the percentage influence that ancestor has over those offspring.

To begin your 14-day free trial with five search credits you will need to register with Pedimatch.

Go to and click register at the top. Fill out your details together with your membership number and use the code 88214576 in the box labelled Pedimatch society code. Once completed click sign up and follow the instructions.

For details on how the searches and credits work, click the how to use link at the top of the page once you have logged in.

You will then be able to begin searching through all animals registered with the UK Hereford Cattle Society.

Please note the society receives a proportion (20 per cent) of your subscription to Pedimatch.

If anyone has any technical questions with regards to its use please contact Paul Snell on 07730 095062 or email Please be aware that Paul lives in Canada and there is a time difference of (-5 hours).