ABRI link to Coley 1 Pilot (S) {PVF}

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From G and MC Shepherd – 07778191964 – £80 per straw (no royalty fee) plus distribution charge.

Coley 1 Pilot has won many interbreeds as well as UK Bull of the Year, European Hereford Bull of the Year and Reserve Hereford Bull of the World

His ongoing career as a stock bull at Moorside has produced many sale progeny, the average for them all is presently over £4,000 per head.

s. Alderville 1 Lars (P) {DLF IEF HYF} UK163345 100357
Sire – Coley 1 Maverick (Scurs Removed) {DLF IEF HYF} UK132143 400347
d. Coley 1 Plummie 258 (P) {DLF IEF HYF} UK132143 600258
s. SMH Castro 0001 ET (Imp DNK) 114588-00001
Dam: Romany 1 Ishbel D1 M11 (P) {DLF IEF HYF} UK562010 401069
d. Romany 1 Ishbel A84 G53 (P) UK562010 400733