This information is applicable to cattle purchased for export including to Northern Ireland*, Isle of Man, Shetland and Orkney Islands.

*Please note following Brexit, cattle moving to Northern Ireland from Great Britain will now be classified as an EU export.

Animals sold for export will require a TB re-test before shipment and will therefore have to return home to the vendor’s premises, unless other agreed arrangements have been made.

The required tests must be conducted as soon as practicable following the sale:

• Animals sold to go to Northern Ireland must have remained on a single holding of origin for a period of 40 days and must be subjected to a second TB test prior to shipment.

• The cost of testing, return transit and all other reasonable expenses must be borne by the purchaser. During the period of testing the animal will remain at the purchaser’s risk. If, however, any animal should fail its test, the sale will become null and void.

• Payment for animals sold under these conditions must be made by the purchaser to the auctioneers on the day of sale. The auctioneers will hold such payments until notice has been received from the vendor that the animal has passed its final test and is in transit.

• Entries from exhibitors prepared to offer their animals subject to the above are designated in the catalogue as ‘eligible for re-test.’