Carcase EBVs are calculated using ultrasound information, collected by a number of approved scanners who operate in the UK.

If animals have been scanned, they will have EBVs for eye muscle area, rib fat, rib yield and intramuscular fat.

Carcase EBVs help breeders produce animals which meet market requirements and selecting for carcase yield and value should be an important objective for breeders.

The retail beef yield is a factor of eye muscle area and fat depth with a higher value indicating leaner more muscular animals. Carcases from a superior sire slaughtered at fat class 4 should be heavier and yield more lean meat than progeny of a sire with a lower retail beef yield slaughtered at the same stage. This allows more flexibility in management and reduces the problem of animals becoming over fat before they have achieved a satisfactory weight and muscle development.

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