UK Hereford Youth is an arm of the Hereford Cattle Society dedicated to young Hereford enthusiasts aged between 10 and 26 and provides opportunities for young people to make new friends, broaden their knowledge on the Hereford breed and learn new skills, while having fun.

Workshops and seminars are held throughout the year aiming to provide a training and education programme on anything to do with Hereford cattle, both pedigree and commercial. Each event caters for all age groups and experience levels unless specifically stated. Anyone who wishes to further develop their knowledge and skills in these areas is welcome to attend and the events are a great opportunity to learn from some our breed’s most respected and skilled people in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

UKHY are also active at some of our summer shows, offering help and assistance to all.

Join us today and experience all we have to offer. For more information email the UKHY co-ordinator Emma Smith on

World Hereford Conference – USA, 2024

The World Hereford Conference in October 2025 promises to be an exciting event, drawing Hereford enthusiasts from all corners of the globe to Manhattan, Kansas, USA. Participants will converge to celebrate the Hereford breed, share knowledge, discuss breeding practices, showcase top genetics, and foster international connections within the Hereford community. The conference is expected to feature a diverse range of activities, including breed exhibitions, educational seminars, networking opportunities.

Participating in the Young Breeders Competition presents an exceptional opportunity for the Hereford Youth in the UK. Being chosen as one of the four representatives is a privilege that allows them to showcase their skills and knowledge on an international platform.

The competition not only tests their abilities within the show ring but also challenges their understanding of the breed and husbandry practices. Moreover, experiencing unique challenges designed by the hosting country broadens their perspectives and enriches their learning beyond the UK borders.

For the Hereford Youth, this competition is not just about winning accolades but also about fostering camaraderie with delegates from other nations and gaining invaluable insights into global practices related to Hereford breeding. It’s an opportunity for personal growth, cultural exchange, and a chance to strengthen the UK’s presence in the international Hereford community.

Starting in early 2024, UK Hereford Youth members were invited to apply to undertake a selection process that will span much of the year, culminating with the selection of the final team.

During this period, each applicant will attend events aimed at further developing their skill set, which will benefit them regardless of their performance in the selection process.

To keep up to date with the members during their journey, through selection and overseas, we will be posting up-dates here and on the UKHY Facebook.

UKHY extends its gratitude to Dunbia for sponsoring and for their ongoing commitment to supporting the future of the beef industry.

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