The Hereford does it all. The breed can be used in any commercial suckler herd as either a terminal sire, or suckler cow.

Continental suckler herds are increasingly turning to the Hereford to save management time, and to make the most of their available ground, with less reliance on the feed bag.

Hereford bulls can bring appropriate carcase size suited to current market requirements with progeny reaching their genetic potential before point of slaughter. Using a Hereford sire can add value through accessing beef schemes and selling to a market which requires superior beef quality.

As a suckler cow, Herefords just get on with it, whether that is in terms of fertility, calving or feeding their calf. They make super mothers, with plenty of milk and can last well over a decade in anyone’s herd, making them a reliable investment.

Their quiet nature means they are more easily managed, with some saying Herefords can be more heavily stocked on a farm compared to some other less docile breeds. They are easy-calving and require very little intervention when giving birth. They produce moderate birthweight calves which grow efficiently to meet market specifications.

Hereford sired cattle need little inputs and can thrive off grass, making choosing Hereford a good economic decision.

Native switch fits holistic management ethos

A switch to native breeds is fitting a more holistic style of farm management being adopted by Bristol-based beef farmer George Ford.

Young farmer making use of Hereford genetics

Hereford cattle numbers in Northern Ireland continue to increase. This trend is reflected in the quantity of Hereford straws sold by the province’s cattle breeding businesses and the number of pedigree breeders now on the ground.

Hereford breed suits share farming set-up

Dumfriesshire-based family, the Walkers, are working to expand their suckler system while keeping the environment at the forefront of their minds.

Hereford breed suits share farming set-up

With a history of managing Limousins, Iain Wilkinson has in recent years been introduced to the Hereford and says the breed is definitely the right one for his farming systems.

Herefords build base of large suckler herd

For the Hull family at Turncole Farm, Southminster, Essex, the Hereford breed has for a long time built the basis of their large scale cattle enterprise.

Hereford sire reduces costs

Costs have been significantly reduced, and management of his commercial suckler herd has been simplified with the purchase of a Hereford bull.

Effect of using high index Hereford bulls

The objective of this eighth study using Hereford bulls was to compare the performance of progeny from top 35 per cent and top 60 per cent terminal index sires with calves finished on a 19 to 22 month semi-intensive system.