It is no coincidence that Herefords have been the sire of choice for many dairy farmers for generations.

Fertility and longevity mean you get value out of your bull. And what’s more, with a shorter gestation period, of one week less than the average continental bull, cows will be back in the parlour more quickly.

Working on a milk price of 25p per litre and a cow giving 32 litres per day, an additional week’s lactation could give £56 extra milk per head, which in a herd of 150, equals £8,400.

Famed for easy calving, Herefords are an ideal choice in the dairy herd, particularly on maiden heifers. With bad calvings leading to reduced milk production, using the Hereford can see results in the bulk tank. The docile nature of a Hereford bull makes them easily managed on any dairy farm, reducing aggravation, labour requirements and making your farm a safer place.

The iconic markings of Hereford sired calves bring a useful management tool, while also producing a high value, saleable calf. With increasing pressure from processors to safeguard every calf’s life, using a Hereford in your herd may be more financially beneficial than ever.

Herefords and dairy herd run in unison

Joseph Twose and his family milk a herd of Holsteins in west Wales in which the Hereford plays an important role.

New dairy farmer making use of Hereford breed

Hereford bulls play a key role in Northamptonshire-based Oliver Williams’ dairy herd which he established with his wife Jo in 2014.

Herefords sweeping up on Pembs dairy farm

When dairy farmer Will McFarland introduced beef sweeper bulls after building up sufficient cow number with black and white sires, the Hereford was his breed of choice.

Hereford firm favourite for Daioni

Breeding sweeper bulls to use on his dairy cows gives milk producer Laurence Harris control over herd biosecurity. For two decades, his breed of choice has been the Hereford.

Hereford genetics add value to NZ-style dairy

Hereford sweeper bulls with superior estimated breeding values are adding value to the beef rearing enterprise at a Pembrokeshire dairy farm, which keeps grazed grass at the heart of its system.