Insemination certificate

1. The breeder shall be responsible for supplying to the Society with each birth notification form, a certificate signed by the veterinary surgeon or inseminator authorised by the Society of the name and tag of the bull and female concerned and the date. The breeder shall ensure the cow has not had access to a bull for 30 days before and 30 days after the insemination.

Designation in herd book and pedigrees

2. The progeny will be designated AI in the herd book and must bear the designation AI immediately following the name or names, in any reference to that animal or animals. If the semen is imported, an abbreviation IMP must also be inserted.

Designation upon sale

3. It shall be compulsory to disclose on private or public sale if an animal is either by or in-calf to AI. The designation shall be as required in point 2.

DNA testing

4.(a) All bulls (domestic and imported) used for AI must be DNA tested in accordance with the Society’s rules. Bulls should be genetically tested free of hypotrichosis, diluter, idiopathic epilepsy and maple syrup urine disease. Results must be lodged with the Society before the first registration is submitted.

(b) Females used for breeding by AI may be subject to DNA testing at the discretion of the council.

(c) Calves got by AI may be subject to DNA testing at the discretion of the council.

Breach of rules

5.(a) Any breach of the AI rules will be subject to any such penalty as the council may decide.

(b) The Society reserves the right at any time to refuse, restrict or terminate the use of any bull under these rules.

Specific usage

6.(a) An owner may use artificial insemination within their own herd and using their own bull without restriction.

(b) Subject to DEFRA regulations, bulls owned by partnerships, which must be registered with the Society as a partnership, may be used by AI in the partners’ own herds without restriction.

(c) The use of bulls standing at AI centres in the United Kingdom, is allowed subject to the general rules and can be used without restriction.

(d) Subject to agreement with the purchaser, semen from an exported bull may be retained and used for artificial insemination.

Export of semen

7.(a) Export of semen for pedigree purposes is allowed if in agreement by the recipient country.

(b) Exportation certificates will be issued at a fee decided by council and payable by the vendor.

Import of semen

8.(a) Registration of calves will be limited to progeny got by semen from bulls fully registered in any of the herd books accepted by the World Hereford Council and owned by a member of an association which represents a member country of the World Hereford Council.

(b) Payment of an initial registration fee for the bull concerned at the normal rate for bull registrations.

Research and development

9. The council may at its discretion give special permission for AI to be used for any project of which it may approve.

Approval of AI centres and inseminators

10.(a) AI centres – If a DEFRA licence has been issued to the centre, approval is given.