BVD – testing and vaccination

All entries must be vaccinated against BVD (bovine viral diarrhoea).

Entries from CHeCS accredited herds must be fully vaccinated in accordance with the data sheets of vaccine used.

Note: The last vaccination must have been administered within 12 months of the sale.

Entries from non-BVD accredited herds must be antigen tested negative and vaccinated in accordance with the data sheets of the vaccine used.

Entries from herds not subscribing to the membership of a CHeCS herd health scheme must be antigen tested negative and vaccinated in accordance with the data sheets of the vaccine used.

In the case of pregnant animals, they must be vaccinated in accordance with the data sheets of the vaccine used and vaccination must be carried out prior to service.

Ensure in all instances the final vaccination has been administered with sufficient time for the animal to have built up an immunity prior to the sale. From advice obtained, at least four weeks prior to the sale.

Entries not fully vaccinated for BVD will not be allowed entry into the auction centre.

If in doubt on any of the points above, please consult with either your CHeCS herd health scheme provider or your veterinarian.

In consultation with your vet, please ensure the animal has been tested (or at least a blood sample collected) prior to vaccination.

TB – testing

All entries, without exception and including calves at-foot, must be TB tested negative within 60 days of the sale.

Sale animal health declaration card

This card must be displayed alongside each entry at the sale even in instances that no information is available.

These cards can be obtained either from a CHeCS herd health provider or the society.

Official sale herd health declaration form

This form must be completed and submitted to the office along with your entry form(s).

The details provided will then be included within the sale catalogue.

Sale animal health declaration form for BVD and TB

This form must be completed, signed and submitted to the office at least one week before the sale.

Any entry for which this declaration has not been submitted will not be allowed to go through to the sale.

These declaration forms can be downloaded from the society website or are available from the office by request.

DNA conditions of entry

All cattle (with the exception of calves at-foot) will require a DNA profile for sire (SV) or parentage (PV) verification and must be tested free for of hypotrichosis.

All DNA results must be lodged with the society prior to the sale.

Carriers of hypotrichosis will be ineligible for entry.

DNA samples must be received by the society at close of entry or no later than the first of the month preceding the month in which the sale is held.