1.(a) The sire and donor dam must be DNA profiled (genotyped) with the results lodged with the Society. Additionally, all service sires and donor dams are to be parentage verified (where possible) and three trait tested for hypotrichosis, diluter and idiopathic epilepsy.

(b) An embryo transfer form to be completed in full and the top copy returned to this office following the pregnancy test of the recipient females, only details of those in calf should be included.

(c) In the event of some embryos being transplanted and others frozen, details relating to the transplant of the frozen embryos may be submitted to this office on the duplicate copy of the ET form, following the recipient females being pregnancy tested in-calf.

(d) The recipient dam’s details must be supplied at the time of calf registration: tag number, date of birth and breeding i.e. Hereford x Friesian.

(e) Calves resulting from an embryo transplant programme will only be accepted for registration following parentage verification (and a test for hypotrichosis, idiopathic epilepsy and diluter, if either parent, or both, have not been three trait tested).