Farming is perhaps one of the oldest industries in the world and one that has lasted the test of time, moving from strength to strength, constantly evolving. Now more than ever British farmers are engaging with the public, inviting them to share their day-to-day life, via social media, TV programs, books or on farm visits. The pandemic gave a new appreciation of the fact that we are a small island and farmers were there, as they always have been, ready to step-up and support a nation who needed feeding.

The Hereford cow, an animal synonymous with the British Countryside, a staple of the UK farm and a great British export, seeing them first leave our shores for new lands in 1817. This British native is best known for their white faces and conker red coats as well as their exceptional ability to convert grass land to muscle. It is this efficiency that helps contribute to the taste and health benefits of Hereford beef.

The Hereford Cattle Society has set up the ‘Hereford Producer’ to promote and highlight the hard work of our network of farmers and showcase the quality of the produce they provide. If you are choosing to eat less meat, let the meat you do eat come from a source with low food miles, high welfare, a great story and a friendly smile. We’re proud to present to you ‘Hereford Producers’.

Regan Upton, alongside his herd of pedigree Hereford cattle

Growing up in a rural area, Regan Upton, Hertfordshire, always had a keen interest in farming, deciding from a young age that agriculture was the route for him. Helping on local farms, he found a vocation for livestock management and at just 15 years old, with the support and guidance of local farming friends, he purchased his first Hereford cow and calf. Having not been born with access to ground, Regan was fortunate to keep his starter herd at a local farm.

Taking on more grazing, has enabled Regan to expand his herd, purchasing his own stock bull and joining the society, establishing his own pedigree herd in 2020 under the prefix Bullbeggars. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of his mum, who tended the herd when Regan was away from home. The Hereford breed has fitted with Regan’s system perfectly. Tenant farmers don’t always have the luxury of housing facilities and the hardiness of the Hereford has meant that Regan can expand his herd and work towards further securing his future in farming.

“We sell our beef, direct to local customers in 10kg beef boxes at around 24 months and they’re finished on grass. All our boxes are currently sold through word-of-mouth alone, with many repeat customers. This is in addition to home-bred lamb which we also sell direct to local customers.”

Bullbeggar herd, owned by Regan, enjoying a crisp winters days.

Both Regan and his mum love working with the Hereford because they are low maintenance and docile. “They thrive on a grass-based system and are easy fleshing.” Regan adds. “In addition to its excellent eating quality, the Hereford ticks all the boxes for us.”

Moving forward Regan has big plans in place for his enterprise, continual expansion, and improvement of his herd of Hereford Cattle and providing great quality, nutritious, low-mileage beef for people that appreciate good food with great provenance.

Great local produce. Hereford beef, ready for delivery.


Beef Boxes from Regan consist of,

Roasting Joints

Frying Steaks

Braising Steak


If you are interested to order or find out more about Regans produce you can find him at @Bullbeggars Beef & Lamb on Instagram, or alternatively on 07973714039 for regular updates.