Imports and exports (reciprocal arrangement)

Export zootech certificates

1. All animals sold for export from the United Kingdom require an exportation certificate duly certified by the society. Transfer certificates are not required for exported cattle. Fees chargeable for exportation certificates shall be as agreed by the council.

Breed requirements in respect of imported genetics

2. It is important for members importing genetics to arrange with vendors that all documentation required by the UK Hereford Cattle Society is provided, thus allowing the acceptance of imported animals into the UK herd book.

It is also essential the vendor in the country of origin provides their domestic society with details of genetics being sold for export. Please note the responsibility for ensuring this action is taken must lie with the breeder purchasing the genetics.

The society will enter into the breeding book, animals of the same breed, that are eligible for entry under the society’s breed criteria, without discrimination on account of their country of origin.

Listed below are the documents the (UK) Hereford Cattle Society requires:

(i) Five generation extended pedigrees would be preferred but three generations will be accepted as per requirements under zootechnical legislation. In the case of embryos, both sire and donor dam must be provided.

(ii) Official export zootech certificates issued by the recognised registration authority providing full details of both breeder and owner.

(iii) A certificate of freedom from hypotrichosis, diluter, idiopathic epilepsy and maple syrup urine disease.

The society must be provided with an official copy of the genetic defects and genetic peculiarities of the animal(s), specifically hypotrichosis, diluter, idiopathic epilepsy and maple syrup urine disease (and as of 01/07/22 mandibulofacial dysostosis).

(iv) Should any female be in-calf, the same information as 1 to 3 above will be required in respect of the service sire/s.

(v) In the case of all genetic imports including live animals, service sires, semen and sires and donor dams of embryos, a single nucleotide polymorphisms (54K SNP) DNA profile must be provided (showing parentage verification) together with the test results of the four genetic defects, as stated in 3 above.

(vi) In the case of horned genetics, a certificate confirming clearance of poll animals in the first six generations, the subject animal being the first.

(vii) In the case of embryos, a certificate/form issued by the embryo company confirming the identity and details of the sires used and donor dams.

(viii) An initial entry/export fee as decreed by Council is to be paid per animal, including service sire/donor dam/semen

NB. Any imported genetics where the above DNA/trait testing requirements are not met in full, will result in the purchaser/importer of the genetics having to submit a DNA sample to the society’s office so that it can be tested through Weatherbys, the cost of which will be borne by the purchaser/importer.