John Andrews says he has learnt vast amounts at UKHY events which he can apply at home.

Name: John Andrews

Age: 20 years old

Where are you form?: Larne, Northern Ireland

What herd are you associated with?: Mountview Herefords

How long have you been a member?: I attended the first UKHY workshop at Normanton Herefords in 2016 and have been a member since.

What has been your favourite UKHY activity so far?: The 2018 workshop in Northern Ireland was a standout moment to showcase our nation and cattle to members of the UKHY. We later hosted a barbecue and prize giving at our farm which was another standout evening.

What do you enjoy most about UKHY?: Meeting new people from all around the UK while learning as I go along.

What are your plans for the future?: To continue to introduce new bloodlines at home and improve our herd to the best it can be.

What have you learnt from being a UKHY member? I have learnt vast amounts about cattle in general, as well as the clipping and showing of Hereford cattle.