Method of application

  1. Any person wishing to become a member of the society must make an application on the specified form. Every application for membership must be duly signed by the candidate and preferably proposed by an existing member of the society. Upon receipt, such applications will be submitted to the next meeting of the council for approval.

Eligibility for membership

  1. A company, firm, partnership, corporation, association, etc., may be registered as a member under its registered name and address. It may be represented at any meeting of the society by one person nominated by such body who shall, on behalf of the company, etc., have one vote.
  2. If an individual member of a partnership or other corporate body is registered as a member, it will not be necessary to additionally register that partnership or corporate body.

Transference of membership

  1. The membership of an individual breeder who is deceased may be transferred without payment of entrance fee to the wife, husband, son, daughter, brother or sister. The transferee shall be responsible for the payment of any arrears in the subscriptions of the deceased.


  1. A member shall pay on election an entrance fee and an annual subscription of such sum as the council may decide for the financial year for which he or she was elected. On 1 July in every subsequent year, he or she shall pay such subscription.
  2. Members whose subscriptions are in arrears for three months following the due date shall have their names removed from membership and shall only be re-admitted upon payment of a new entrance fee and subscription arrears.

Financial year

  1. The year for calf registrations, membership subscriptions and all other matters connected with the society shall run from 1 July to 30 June.
  2. Members shall be entitled to purchase volumes of the herd book at a figure to be decided by the council from time to time.
  3. A member shall be entitled to receive the breed journal and breed news as and when published on such terms as the council may decide periodically.
  4. Calf registrations will only be accepted from members of the society.
  5. (a) The privileges of membership are not granted until members have actually been elected and all subscriptions paid.

(b) Prospective members wishing to register calves born prior to 1 June must apply for membership and pay the membership fees for that current financial year. Prospective members wishing to register calves born in the last month of the financial year (i.e. June) must apply for membership immediately and will be elected for the following year.

Retirement from membership

  1. Any member who is up-to-date with their payments, may at any time cease their membership on giving notice in writing to the breed secretary.

Membersregister and contact details

  1. Every member shall periodically communicate his or her postal and email addresses to the society. All notices or publications forwarded to such addresses shall be considered as duly delivered to such member and in accordance with general data protection regulations (GDPR).