Tuesday 1 March 2022

C and D Auctions conducted the annual spring live and online bidding sale of Hereford and Aberdeen Angus bulls at Mains of Airies, Kirkcolm, Stranraer on behalf of John Douglas and family.

A grand crop of 38 rising two year old, naturally shown, unpampered bulls was presented to a large crowd of both local and distant buyers who travelled to the far south west of Scotland along with online bidders. With 11 bulls sold online and a 100 per cent clearance, the sale averaged £2,852.

Ervie Advance 202699 sold for £5,000

Ervie Advance 202699 topped the Herefords at £5,000. Much admired from the Lisette family, and sired by imported herd sire, Ervie RL1 Achiever 151966N, it was purchased by long-term repeat customer, Robert Parker, Drumdow Black Baldies.

The sum of £4,600 was paid for Ervie Advance 202726. Another from the Lisette family, and again sired by 151966N, this young bull was purchased by another Wigtownshire-based Black Baldie breeder and repeat buyer, G McKie and co, Ballaird.

Ervie Advance 202776 sold for £3,600

Ervie Advance 202776 from the Crocus family sold at £3,600 to yet another repeat buyer, DT Lang and son, Wellhead, Lanarkshire for commercial and pedigree breeding.

Ervie Advance 202868 was knocked down at £3,400 in a joint purchase to RT Davies and co of Westwood Herefords and W Chase, Chase Herefords, both based in Herefordshire.

Volume buyer for bulls to use on their dairy herd was another repeat buyer, James and Becky Ward, Stranraer, buying five Hereford bulls for an average of £2,200. Scott Shearlaw, Maybole, bid online to a top price of £3,400 and secured four good Hereford bulls to average £2,825.

Auctioneer: C and D Auctions

Average: 33 Hereford bulls, £2,709