Friday 11 August 2023

Coley 1 Vincent from Liam Jackson-Carr was tapped out as supreme and male champion at this year’s Scottish National Show in Perth, as well as senior male champion and winning the senior bull class. Purchased by Liam Jackson-Carr of JC Herefords, Carle Coates, Sheffield, bred by Heather Whittaker, Halifax. Vincent has commanded the ring this season and has claimed supreme champion at the Great Yorkshire Show, Royal Highland and male champion at Northumberland County Show, not to mention his string of wins last year.

Coley 1 Vincent from L Jackson-Carr

Starting within bull born on or between 1st March 22 and 31st July 22, Harveybros 1 Willy-The-Womanizer, from G&S Harvey, Balfron, Glasgow, claimed the red ribbon, then moving ahead came out on top in the junior male championship. From there, he joined Vincent in the overall male championship and supreme championship, being named as reserve in both classes.

Harveybros 1 Willie-The-Womanizer from G&S Harvey.

Coley 1 Alexander started the bull classes by winning first in the junior bull class. Bred and exhibited by Heather Whittaker, Halifax. By Dendor 1 Sherlock, out of Kammerherre Kati. The day went on seeing this young bull winning reserve champion in the junior male championship, alongside Harveybros 1 Willy-The-Womanizer.

Coley 1 Alexander from Heather Whittaker

Last year saw Milovaig 1 Vindicator win reserve junior male champion, owned by GD & Mr Poyser. Back again a year older, Vindicator hasn’t lost the winning touch within the championships, seeing him claim reserve in the senior male championship. Born in May 2021, by Shraden 1 Perestroika and out of Milovaig 1 Bonnie Belle 6th.

Milovaig 1 Vindictor

Bennachie 1 Wizard led the bull born on or between 1st August 21 and 28th February 22 class, earning himself the red ticket. Wizard bred from I Skea, Aberdeenshire, was sired by Solpoll 1 Lawman, the supreme champion at Tullamore Show in 2016 and 2017.

Bennachie 1 Wizard from I Skea

Former Stars of the Future calf show winner, heifer Panmure 1 Plum W1 from JM Cant and partners, Arbirlot, Angus, was brought forward to claim first in her class heifer born on or after 1st August 21 and 28th February 22. Plum saw further success in the junior female championship, earning the Champion title and then finishing on a high, taking the overall female champion title.

Panmure 1 Plum W1 from JM Cant and partners

Alongside Panmure 1 Plum W1, as reserve junior female champion, was Coley 1 Duchess 609 from Heather Whittaker, Halifax. In 2022, Duchess claimed Champion at Agri Expo, reserve female and junior champion at the highland and reserve supreme champion at her mother Gouldingpoll 1 Duchess 916 foot, to name a few of her successes.

Coley 1 Duchess from Heather Whittaker

Following her win in the senior female class, leading to her victory as senior female champion, Drumboy 1 Sophia finished her day with reserve within the overall female championship. Bred by Gavin Dunbar from Lanarkshire, Sophia, sired by Romany 1 Distiller A84 D53 grandsire Venture Night Time 7055 ET.

Drumboy 1 Sophia from Gavin Dunbar

Bennachie 1 Amy 5th started her day claiming the top spot in Heifer/Cow in Milk or in calf born on or before 1st August 20 and 31st July 21. From I Skea, Aberdeenshire, Amy went forward to win reserve senior female champion.

Bennachie 1 Amy 5th from I Skea

First time entering the ring and taking it all in her stride, Harveybros 1 Crocus Absolut-Rose, again from George and Sophie Harvey, won the junior heifer class at Perth.

Harveybros 1 Crocus Absolut-Rose from G&S Harvey

From sire, Moralee 1 Roland Rat KS R16, whose progeny saw prices up to 2,500gns in Stirling in February this year, Baldinnie 1 Chico 17th, from JA Cameron & son from Balbuthie Fife, was lifted in first in heifer born on or after 1st March 22 and 31st July 22.

Baldinnie 1 Chico 17th from JA Cameron & son

In the young handlers’ section, Molly Poyser, age 15, won the senior class.

Molly Poyser, age 15, Senior class winner.

Fletcher Russell, age 12, took first in a well-represented junior class.

Fletcher Russell, age 12, first junior class.