Due to the Covid-19 uncertainty the British Cattle Breeders’ Club has decided to go virtual for its 2021 conference.

This one day e-conference, on Tuesday 26 January, is an exciting change of direction and will open the British Cattle Breeders’ Conference (BCBC) up to a greater national and international audience.

BCBC is renowned for delivering the leading conference for both the beef and dairy sectors, which provides a forum for knowledge exchange between farmers, scientists and industry in a relaxed and friendly way.

The 2021 e-conference theme is ‘our breeding goals – learn from the past to focus on the future’. The continuation of genetic improvements has potential to have the biggest impact on livestock production, all livestock breeders need a breeding plan or goal going forward to see their businesses thrive especially as UK trade deals open up. Our beef and dairy farmers need to ensure the continuation of high standards whilst being able to compete with these opening markets.

Clive Brown, conference chairman says: “I am excited about being the first BCBC chairman to preside over a virtual conference. After the initial disappointment arising from having to forego a physical conference for 2021, it was replaced with the realisation that a virtual conference provides a huge opportunity to access speakers and a wider audience from around the world, allowing us to inspire even more cattle breeders.

“Covid-19 has shown us how interlinked our lives are, the challenges and opportunities we face in the UK are those that our international farming family also face, being able to hear each other’s stories, learn from scientists and industry from around the world is a fantastic opportunity for us all to learn from each other and ensure we have a place in the global livestock market.”

The full programme and registration details will be available early autumn.

To register your interest in the e-conference please contact BCBC secretary, Heidi Bradbury – heidi.bradbury@cattlebreeders.org.uk or visit the www.cattlebreeders.org.uk website and sign up to the newsletter to keep up to date with BCBC news.

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