Friday 12 May 2023

Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12

The semen rights along with a semen bundle of Moralee 1 Rebel Kicks KS R12, bred and owned by Tom and Di Harrison of Mickley, Northumberland have been purchased by Ohio-based Shawn Stevens.

Having admired ‘Rebel’ on social media for some time, Shawn followed Tom and Di’s journey with interest, from winning the native interbreed at the Royal Highland Showcase to placing third in the Hereford of the world competition.

With the deal two years in the making, Shawn first reached out to Tom and Di via Facebook before conversations moved to the telephone followed by a meeting in Fort Worth, Texas while the breeders were in the country to collect their prize money for their success in the Herefords of the world competition.

Tom Harrison said: “Shawn seemed particularly aware of the need for new genetics and greater frame size within the US Hereford herd, saying that the cattle there had been getting smaller and wider for too long and he wanted to make a start on turning this trend around. He’s already expressed interest in a further purchase.”

Shawn was also very interested by Rebel’s dam, Romany 1 Dawn D1 M6, bred by Robert Wilson up in Kelso because it has a very high IMF EBV which is particularly commercially relevant in the US market.

The breeders say PJ Budler was a great help in facilitating this deal, along with Rob Wills and Maddie Clark from UK Sires. Shawn has now launched a website specifically for Rebel.

Tom commented: “I don’t think there is another bull in the world with its own website. Di and I are really excited to see where this goes. Having visited America a couple of times now, we are sure the potential influence for UK genetics does not end with just Moralee. We would like to think it opens the door for more genetics to be exchanged in both directions, with a huge pedigree and commercial potential in the US, particularly so for homozygous poll cattle.

“It just shows the power of social media,” he added.

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