To help us with the administration of the forthcoming sale would you please:

• Let us have the warranty (pedigree) certificate at the time of entering the sale.

• Let us have a copy of the relevant AI certificate where a female is being sold as having been inseminated (to be submitted with the animal’s pedigree).

• Let us have the completed and signed sale animal health declaration form for BVD and TB no later than one week prior to the sale.

• Check the animal’s tag number, date of birth and dam’s tag number are correct on your passport and match those on the warranty (pedigree) certificate. Any animal which arrives at the auction centre where this is not the case will have to return home immediately.

• Check all animals are double tagged.

• Please ensure you bring your sale animal health declaration cards to the sale and display them alongside each sale entry, even if there is no information available.

• Any animal rejected by the veterinarian must be removed from the auction centre premises immediately. If at the pre-sale inspection this proves to be impossible, the animal will be moved to a designated penning area, where signage will explain that the animal has been rejected by the veterinarian and is therefore not available for sale.

N.B. It really does help if the warranty (pedigree) certificate and sale animal health form for BVD and TB are lodged with the society at least one week prior to the sale date and not handed to us at the time of the event.

It also helps if we are given prior notice of any withdrawals.