ABRI link to Barwise 1 Nomad (P) {DLF IEF HYF} 

ABRI link to performance recording

NCBC + £36 at time of Registration)

S.Remitall Online 122L (Ser/Sire) (NGA/122L)
Sire – Moeskaer Online 1444 AI ET (Imp DNK) (69957-01444)
D. Gold-N KR 2Z Candace 55C (C02559256)
S. Otapawa High Voltage 3004 (Semen) ET (Imp NZL) (0347033004P)
Dam – Barwise 1 Anni-Fern H2 (P) AI (UK103000 500596)
D. Barwise 1 Anni-Fern (P) (UK103000 600352)