ABRI link to Barwise 1 Ricochet (P) AI {DLF IEF HYF}

ABRI link to performance recording

From National Cattle Breeding Centre + £36 at time of Registration)

S.Wilgor 55K Northeastern OL 2N (Ser/Sire) (C02836662)
Sire – Square-D Tortuga 953T (Semen)(Imp CAN) (C02897246)
D. Square-D Ameena 753M (C02813315)
S. Barwise 1 Wellington (P) ET (Imp ARG) (UK103000 300111)
Dam – Barwise 1 Anni-Fern (P) (UK103000 600352)
D. Leos Pride 1 Anni-Frid (P) AI (UK183306 300003)