ABRI link to Barwise 1 Wellington (P) ET (Imp ARG) {DLF IEF HYF}

ABRI link to performance recording

From the Hereford Cattle Society at £56.40 per Straw

Available for export

S.WNH CHR MCA Decathlete (P) (23900838)
Sire – Don Pancho Decathle (Ser/Sire)(P) (392651/02)
D. NJW 832W Duchess 62F (P) (407760)
S. TA-Bar-E-L Royal 17F (Ser/Sire)(P) (387549/02)
Dam – Don Pancho X40 Etiqueta (Donor (P) (413142/02)
D. Don Pancho X4 Toia-T/E- (P) (402678)