ABRI link to Churchlands Estate 1 Batavia (P) AI {DLF IEF HYF}

ABRI link to performance recording

From the Hereford Cattle Society at £60.00 per straw (Quantity Discount)

Available for export

S.Vena Park Sharka (VPHN1139)
Sire – Wiranya Batavia (Semen)(P)(Imp AUS) (RGP/S5/01)
D. Wiranya Diana L99 (P) (452393)
S. Udel 1 F8 Knight Flyer (P) (X1GL/H48/23)
Dam – Panmure 1 Plum T9 (P) AI TF (UKAN0401 00235)
D. Panmure 1 Plum N2 (P) AI (1JXU/N02/28)