Weatherbys will continue to accept hair samples but highlight that ear tissue samples have a higher success rate. They recommend the use of Caisley or Allflex, with both companies offering society members a discount if a membership number is quoted on ordering.

Advantages of using tissue samples

• Tissue tags can be stored at Weatherbys for up to 10 years at no additional cost to members

• Samples would only be analysed at members request. (There would be no cost for retrieving samples from storage)

• Tissue samples are more reliable and thus have a lower failure rate than hair samples – especially when sampling young animals where immature hair follicles are of poor quality

• If a tissue sample is held in storage for an animal entered in an official show and sale, then the sample can be instantly retrieved and analysed in a timely manner.

Both Caisley and Allflex advise a tissue tag is applied when taking a sample, even if an identification tag has already been inserted, so samples can be traced back to the correct animal. The tissue tag can then be removed from the ear at a later date. Both companies advise that a liquid desiccant sampling unit is used.

Caisley offer to society members
Members can enjoy NEW special pricing for Caisley DNA sample tags, as they are now available at the same price as Visual or EID tags with just a small charge for the DNA vials. Free applicator worth £17.50.
Contact Hugh Pocock on 07789 171378

Allflex offer to society members
Any size combination for DNA and BVD testing at £2.85 per pair. Visual tags plus DNA of any size combination at £3.15 per pair.
Contact Helen Shepherd on 07766 112126

For any further queries please telephone 01432 272057