1. To provide to any person or persons in the UK between the ages of 10 to 30 years of age an ongoing safe and non-discriminatory training and education programme centred around all aspects of pedigree Hereford cattle with the intention of equipping them with the skills necessary to further develop the breed and themselves in the future.

2. To provide and support a social network of like-minded individuals in order to propagate discussion and participation in all activities that promote the personal development of all who take part.

3. To identify and tailor specific training needs for all age groups and levels of ability within UKHY.

4. To assist the Hereford Cattle Society (HCS) to select the most suitable candidates to form a shortlist for any UKHY bursaries provided by HCS.


1. A member will be deemed to be such only when they have submitted their completed written application form along with their joining fee of £15 to the Hereford Cattle Society.

2. The application form must contain the following:

  • Name and address
  • DOB and age
  • Contact tel number
  • Current in use email address
  • Parental consent if under the age of 18
  • Emergency contact details

3. All Members agree to be bound by these rules.

4. The member and, if a minor, parent or guardian, agree for their details to be stored at Hereford House by the HCS.

5. Only members will be eligible for any HCS bursaries.

6. Only members will be eligible for any UKHY funded initiatives.

7. Parental/guardian supervision at all events for minors must be provided. Neither UKHY or the HCS accept any responsibility for unsupervised minors. To avoid doubt anyone under the age of 16 is considered a ‘minor’.

8. Members agree to take instruction from the UKHYCO and/or any training providers while appearing for or on the behalf of the UKHY or the HCS at any event.

9. Members agree to only use social media and all means of communication relative to UKHY and the HCS in a responsible and professional way. Failure to respect this may lead to disciplinary action.

10. Members agree to behave in a responsible and professional manner at all times that they may be, or perceived to be, acting on behalf of or representing either the UKHY or the HCS. Failure to respect this may lead to disciplinary action.

11. All UKHY events will be published on the HCS website, under the UKHY dedicated page.

12. Formal communication to members will be by email only. Informal communication will be by Facebook. Members are expected to communicate with the UKHYCO by email.

13. No rule 13.

14. No Notifications of any events or activities will be communicated verbally. It is the responsibility of all members to read their emails from UKHY and keep a watchful eye on the UKHY web page of the HCS website for all news.

15. Members must inform the UKHYCO by email of their intention to attend an event within the time constraints published and laid down for that event by the UKHYCO. If a member is subsequently unable to attend they must also inform, by email, the UKHYCO.

16. In the event of a dispute or disagreement it will be deemed that no request nor confirmation has been made in relation to any service, commodity or reservation unless such a request or confirmation is made by traceable email to the UKHYCO within the time constraints laid down and published.

17. Accommodation and or travel bookings will not be made on behalf of any member for any event until the full non-refundable fee for such has been received by the HCS. All such payments must be made to the HCS.

18. Where payment is required by a member for any service, commodity, or reservation such service, commodity or reservation will not be provided until payment in full has been received by the HCS.

19. Accommodation and or travel bookings will not be made if the application is made after the published deadline.

20. Members agree to be bound by all deadlines and time constraints for any events, opportunities or bookings that may be offered/provided by the UKHY. All such deadlines will be published on the UKHY page of the HCS website.

21. Members must make their ideas, feelings, concerns or otherwise known to the UKHYCO in a polite and courteous manner.

22. Members must take their grievances to the chairperson of the UKHY working group, (UKHYWG).

23. Members are encouraged to share their knowledge with their fellow members, whether acquired through UKHY events or otherwise.

24. Members will encourage at all times all participating non-members to join the UKHY.

25. These rules may be changed or added to from time to time. Members will be bound by the current published rules displayed on the HCS website.